Why We Request Your Name And Email

Why We Request Your Name And Email

While every one of our consultations are 100% free and you are never required to follow our suggestions, purchase any product or service, we are a consulting company. We like to continue to educate all of our clients and any business owner that we have had conversations with.

We require a name and email because this is exactly how we will be in contact with you, we will send you any new services or products that we offer based on testing and fellow client feedback. You will periodically receive emails from us, with the opportunity to opt out of our list at any time but following a link at the bottom of every email sent you. We do not condone spam and hate it when it happens to us, our sole purpose of our emails is to be beneficial to you and your business.

We will also offer special free training, webinars, tips and tricks and other educational information that will only be shared with business owners via email. Again if you feel that the content provided is no longer needed or do not wish to receive further contact from us, the ability to opt out is at the bottom of every follow up email.

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