Why Google Places?

The world is consistently changing at a rapid pace and the internet is always 10 times further ahead than the rest of the world. In fact the internet is now the forefront of advertising for all types of businesses worldwide so this raises the question of:

“How do I know where to look online?”

“What types of marketing do I use to promote my businesses services?”

“What websites do I trust?”

“I have a business to run! I don’t have time for automated linkedin lead generation! What do I do?”

So the real question is where do you turn to?

Google is the worlds largest platform where people are coming to to find your business. With their latest innovation called Google places, once again the internet has changed for the better and customers can find you and look at your business without even calling you. Nothing is better for a business owner that a customer who has pre-sold themeself into wanting your services.

Click the play button below for a quick 2 minute video about Google Places.

With 82% of people now searching for your business services online it’s a ‘no brainier’ that you must have a Google Places so people can find your business.

Think for a moment about what types of calls you would get from potential customers if they knew everything about your business. Instead of calling asking if you can service their needs they will be calling to use your services.

But this is only that start of the process. You see just having a Google places listing is just not going to ‘cut it’ in the competitive business world of 2011 and beyond.

For the chart below you can see that the top spot in Google gets 56% of all the people searching for your business and then we see a sudden drop to 13% on the second spot. For this you can see why it’s important to not only have a Google places listing but to also be at the top of Google.

Actual Screen Shot of a Google Searches For Kansas City Chiropractor and others.

So if you could pick a spot to put your business , where would you like it?

56% of all the people search for your business? – Google spot #1

13% of people searching for your business? – Google spot #2

10% of people searching for your business? – Google spot #3

Practically no one searching for your business? – Google spot 4 and beyond.

Being at the top of Google can potentially turn your business into the equivalent of McDonald’s  in your marketplace. Just through taking the top spot in Google your phone number and website will be seen by up thousands of people each month.

The great thing about all this, is that it is possible and we know how to make it happen.

Now Look at the following results for our search term in Google and tell me where you would like to be!

Not if you are wanting to be on page one of Google with your Google Places but more like when, you know the drill….there is a box on the top right of this page that allows you a free 30 minute consultation on this subject or really any other….feel free to reach out to us.

Here is the other option! It’s your choice!

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