When our organization enlisted the help of the team from Global Online Marketing Consulting, we were in dire need for quick and professional help. Our entire site needed to be revamped, redone and recreated to enable our charity to properly communicate our message and give us a professional appeal as we were soliciting sponsorship from potential donors. In less than a week, they had us rebranded and back in business just in time for our organization’s large scale media and promotional efforts.

Since then, the web traffic to our site has been off the charts, we have successful integrated social media to the organization, have all search engines funneling traffic to the site and have been inundated with sponsorship and help willing to help our mission. We continue to use their monthly services and highly recommend them to anyone who needs quick, proficient, professional and easily accessible help. Thank you team for all your help and support!

Semper Fidelis-

Corey Schuster, President

The Semper Fi Society of St Louis : www.stlmarines.org

Sgt, USMC (2001-2005)

The Semper Fi Society of St Louis Case Study

“Robert David Strong is amazing!!! I’ve been working with him for about a year now & I’ve never meant such a sincere,giving person as Robert. His bottom line doesn’t start with a dollar sign-it’s not about how he can gain from you;but rather how you can gain from him. He really means it when he says his goal is to help small businesses to succeed with marketing. He has given me so much of his time & has redefined the word “patient” when it comes to explaining how to get ahead with online marketing.”

“Robert’s knowledge with the workings of the Internet & all the programs available is unbelievable. He’s very educated in this field & has a talent of explaining this difficult realm easily & in a way anyone can understand. I’ve gotten off the phone with him actually feeling confident & full of faith that I can do what he explained would be of help to me. The phone calls last an hour or so as he patiently walks me through different programs or procedures & then makes sure I understand what I did & how to do it again.”

“His help goes beyond helping with tips on the Internet…….September 22, 2010, Robert wrote a guest article (called HOW A CUSTOMIZED PROMOTIONAL ITEM CAN TRAVEL THE WORLD) for me on my blog which he also posted to his Facebook page so his many followers could read it & learn about my business. He shows that besides being such a fantastic marketeer, he also has a creative side & a flair for writing.

Go to:

http://cre8iveimages.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-customized-promotional-item-can_07.html & see for yourself!”

“Robert is a truly amazing person. His honesty, knowledge, sincerity, his goal to help people & his gift for caring for those he helps puts him in a very special category.”

Ronni Sherman

“Joe is an honest and trustworthy professional and will go the extra mile to get the job done.

I came to Joe about a site that I needed to rebuild for a non-profit organization.  The site needed to have a profession look & feel, but needed to also be easy to update by non-technical volunteers. He approached the concept with a strong focus on functionality, easy navigation, and simple yet powerful site management tools – namely Joomla.  His approach allowed for our organization to have a strong Web presence without large expenses or ongoing technical requirements.

I would personally endorse Joe Pérez-Ribas for website development.”

Alex Sobtzak, VP Light Port

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