Press Releases

Press Releases

A Press Release can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal of marketing strategies and can drive a great deal of traffic if done properly. A press release, statement, news or even a media release is really any type of statement that is recorded or written and provided to specific sites or people stating that what you have to communicate has news value. In most cases these releases or statements are provided to a type of editor at a radio stations, a magazine, newspapers, or websites in which that editor looks at the content and decides whether to pass on to other publishing means.

Many people or businesses that use this type of automate lead generation marketing strategy are normally in business that incorporates public interactions and or client building. They use this to attract a great deal of positive advertising and attention for themselves and or clients that they are marketing for. Any type of basic press release is the foundation that any type of reporter will and could use to create a news story. A press release, news release or even media release can announce such things as new products or services, a new company being opened, a special promotion, company data being released to the general public, any type of award and or a specific accomplishment. With these releases, they are normally used to generate a story that educates many readers about an upcoming event or even a drastic change in a specific company.

A Media Release

More like a small newspaper article that can be sent to a wide variety of media forms to obtain interest in a writers or authors mind so a story will be published and released to the masses about the company that they work for or a specific product that they are trying to promote. As these media releases come through, the publishers watch for specific releases that they know that their readers will have some interest in. Within this type of release, advice is to not fill in all the specific attributes or benefits that a company and or product has.

Ease of Use

If you are looking to position you or your business as a leader in a specific field or niche, a press release is a phenomenal tool that can incorporate instant credibility. Our suggestion is to create and distribute your press releases through a few distribution sites instead of mailings, faxes or an email. What many people need to understand is that there is a great difference between an article and a press release. An article is really written with information with a lean of opinion of the author, where as a press release is more of an announcement. If your press release is created correctly and submitted to worthwhile submission sites, you could expect to see a drastic influx of new customers wishing to contact you.

Step 1

Choose a specific topic, a topic like an announcement of your new business, a new website, a new product, or even a new addition to your team. Make sure that this press release stays on topic, if you feel that you want to talk about another topic, create a new press release.

Remember to keep your opinions out of the press release as those are meant for articles and other means of marketing, if you do submit a press release that has a lean of your opinion, you run the chance of your press release being denied.

Step 2

Choose Which Keywords you want to target. As any content that you provide on the internet, you want your time to be worth it. Using very specific names in the press release two to three times with strengthen the press release and allow for great branding. Your goal is to have keywords within the title and body that you believe people will be searching for on the search engines, allowing your content to show on the top three sites, driving a click to your site.

  • Create a list of 4-6 keywords you are looking to rank for
  • Head over to and look at the keywords in that tool one at a time.
  • Look for the highest searches based on those keywords
  • Pick one keyword that you want to write your first press release on and write

Many press release sites have a very high Page Rank and do very well to help you rank your content, many of these sites have PR5’s and higher, I personally know of one that has a PR 8!

Step 3

Write your press release with the following in mind:

  • What are you announcing (be specific)?
  • When did or when will the event happen?
  • Who was at the event or who will be there?
  • Who really cares? Why should this be an interest of theirs?
  • How can they get more information about the event?

Have a few quotes within the press release, much like if you are being interviewed.


Check for spelling, grammar, or any other type of issues that could deem the press release as un-publishable. We recommend having a couple other people read and help you edit this before submission.

Time to Distribute

If you have triple checked and had others look at the press release and feel that it is ready, time to submit the press release RIGHT AWAY!

Create an account at the following press release submission sites:

Once these are submitted, many sites will publish right away where others may drag their feet for a day or two, especially if this is your first press release. You have the ability to go into your accounts on each of these sites and validate whether the press release was published or denied, and the link if it was published.

Another great thing about press releases is that many of the sites mentioned above will provide your press release to other sites as well that they may be affiliated with.

One of our trade secrets that we are known to do is also take the press releases once that they are published is to take the information and spread through the social media sites and bookmarking sites, drastically enforcing the press release.

We hope that this has been educational for you and as always we are here to help you with any type of online marketing and do offer a free 30 minute online marketing consulting opportunity to every new visitor. To claim your free 30 minute consultation fill in your name and email in the form at the top right of this page, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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