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Global Online Marketing Consulting is an marketing automation lead generation that was built from the ground up by people that used to struggle in their online marketing endeavors and made every mistake along the way. We learned from every mistake and now know what does and what does not work in today’s digital age to market any business or entity online to produce the highest results. We have team members that specialize in specific fields so you obtain the best support possible, our specialties consist of but are not limited to Internet marketing, video marketing, article marketing, web development, graphic design, emotion pulling ad copy, Search Engine Optimization and blogging tips.

Each of our team members started with their own entrepreneur genes racing on full throttle which led them to having their own successful online businesses, but each of us wanted to provide more mentor-ship to others. We wanted to help keep people from struggling where we struggled; we have sat on the sidelines and watched many people get so frustrated with their lead generation and marketing automation and the skills it takes, we knew we could help. We are now coming to YOU with the education for you to actually learn how to use online marketing and with this knowledge you can start implementing the change in your business to move you closer to your desired results.

We all know what it takes to make your business a success, the tears that come along with the challenges, the late nights and being on the edge of the cliff of giving up….We have all been there, but there is help, help to show YOU how to use the Internet and leverage the power that it holds with all the new technologies that are being developed. We understand that it is getting harder, day by day to obtain that competitive edge due to the masses of new businesses being born online. We help YOU stand out, we help YOU build YOUR brand, YOUR name and your place in online.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, but really do not know where to go, allow us to educate you with the consulting services that we offer, we can show you how to increase the traffic to your website, lower your advertising costs and obtain a better return on investment……..

Contact us right now for a FREE (yes we said FREE) 1-on-1 consultation that will allow us to know where you are at right now in your business and where you want to be in 5 years, and build a plan to help get you there. how to automate lead generation is NOT easy, we speak from past experience, but experience is what we speak from……

There is no obligation,There is no hidden fees.

There is nothing that you have to buy.

We will just give you our suggested plan to help you obtain your long term goals.

Each FREE 1-on-1 consultation will be a 30 minute conversation via phone, Skype or webinar.

Robert David Strong Founder

Robert has had his own fair share of online marketing training by spending countless hours researching how online marketing works, what avenues are key elements and how to implement them in any business model. He has been a highly successful student of some of the industry leaders in the online marketing arena and looks forward to sharing with you the education that he received. Robert has written a few eBooks on different online marketing techniques and lives and prospers by the mentality of Keep It Simple…. Robert has an exceptional gift in breaking techniques down to the simplest terms to where any one can understand and implement his teachings.

After 15 years in Retail management he embraces his past experiences in decision making, team building and the willingness to succeed at any cost. He uses his past skills to help articulate an actionable plan that you can implement in your business starting on day one.

He offers his consulting services knowing what is working now, not what worked a year ago, he knows that the Internet changes very quickly. He understands where you are coming from as he was in the trenches for many years learning from some of the most successful people and quickly skyrocket many of his own online endeavors. He offers his consulting services fulfilling his ultimate goal of teaching and helping others, request a free consultation with Robert directly.

Joe Pérez-Ribas VP Graphical Design and Website Development

Joe has worked many years in Web site design and development. He has spend many hours researching avenues of graphic design in Photoshop and GIMP, which is free for download for both Mac and Windows based systems. Photoshop Creative Suite can run from $250 or more depending on what version. Joe’s talents in these creative arenas have given him the advantage to serve both in Spanish and in English his professional skills to produce great projects of products.

Joe started learning about the HTML coding language on his own from a book and after writing his first page and learning the relationship between the codes and filing system from a computer, he enjoyed working on Web pages and sites. He also saw the need to learn more about graphic design since images are part of a site and how they can affect the look of any page. With hours of painstaking work and trial by error, Joe, has learned to quickly adapt to both GIMP and the Photoshop programs and produce great results. He utilizes as many features of both programs as possible to complete the needs of any project presented to him.

Joe is friendly, professional, open minded and accommodating to any need in the Web sites and graphic development.

Lauri Matos VP Operations And Public Relations

Thank you,
Global Online Marketing Consulting

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Global Online Marketing Consulting is an online marketing consulting team that was built from the ground up by people that used to struggle in their online marketing endeavors and made every