Important Facts

Important Facts

It is crucial to understand that any and all businesses can generate an income and be very profitable but also that any and all businesses can lose great deals of money. While using our consulting services, products and other services, we cannot guarantee that you and or your business will obtain any specific result, positive or negative. Any strategy we provide you should be considered our best efforts to provide you with specific solutions to your opportunities based on our understanding of the current trends, education and resources available to linkedin automatically generate leads your business online. Other performances and results are of specific individuals and are no guarantee that you or your business will obtain those exact or comparable results.

Some of our clients have and continue to experience a increase in their businesses and some do not. Like any business, as the business owner, decisions that you make and the actions that you take will have a direct impact on your business. While we will provide you with executable and realistic strategies after our consulting one on one, your execution and follow through of the strategy provided could and will have a direct impact on your business as well.

Some services that we offer do require a monthly maintenance fee which is clearly explained and agreed upon by our clients and can be cancelled at any time. To cancel a specific service provided on a monthly basis, a written letter requesting the cancellation will be required, upon receipt of the letter we will not charge you any further and the specific service will continue until the end of the calendar month. No refund will be issued.

We offer a few methods of automated linkedin lead generation payments which consist of:



Money Order

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