How We Get Paid

How We Get Paid

Many people wonder how we are able to make a living giving away thousands of free consultations, and while this is a great question, it is answered very easily.

Every single one of our One on One Consultations that we do are free, no charge now or later. We offer this automated lead generation real estate consultation service as a recommendation to enhance your business and build a larger and more loyal customer base. With many of our recommendations we offer free or low cost ways that you can implement your own actions to obtain these customers, but for those business owners that have more on their plate than resources we do offer many services.

Every one of our customers we treat with the up most respect and complete honesty, we will tell you if we obtain a commission based upon any third party product we offer. If you request more information based upon us doing a specific service for you, we will give you numerous options that allows you to pick one that best suits your needs and budget.  We pride ourselves in being very transparent and upfront on any product or service that we offer you based upon request. We will also tell you if your request is beyond our means or can be best handled by another individual or company.

Our main service that we provide is automate lead generation real estate marketing consulting, our second is offering products or services that allow you to focus on your business and have us take the actions to build your customer base. While the products that we offer are not ours, we have tested and only have relationships with companies that believe that taking care of customers is their number one focus. The services we provide could use a mixture of the products we offer through third party companies, based upon your needs and budget.

Our products that we offer our clients range anywhere from 20.00 to 50,000.00 so we have a solution for every size budget, based upon our consulting with you we will suggest the best strategy to fulfill your desires.

With any third party product suggestion that we provide you, we would provide you with an affiliate link that in turn we would be given a commission if you felt the product would help you and you invested. Again, we believe in being very transparent and upfront on every level of our communication with you.

Any services that we offer will be on a month to month basis or on a project basis, depending on the service or project need. We will offer suggestions and consulting will go further into what we can do for you and give you options to pick from.

As with any suggestion it is just that, every one of our clients has the decision to use all or none of the products or services we recommend.

You have no obligation now or in the future.

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