Farewell Yellow Pages. Hello Google Places: Learn The Google Places Set Up

Search Engine Optimization experts claim that twenty percent of all inquiries placed in the Google search engine are for local area searches and done by a Google Places Set up.  In other words, someone living in San Diego, California performs a search for movie rental stores, he or she would be typing “Movie rental stores, San Diego.” Twenty percent of Google visitors are adding a local qualifier to their inquiries. Experts also state that ninety-seven percent of consumers hunt for local business online. If this statement is accurate, then as a business owner, you want your company to be the one that shows up in front of your competition. With the inception of the Google Places Set Up platform, the linkedin automatically generate leads may have made that novelty a reality.

Why Google Places Set Up Is Important

The Google company prides itself on being ahead of the power curve when it comes to innovation and advancement, so they have created what is called “Google Places.” Google realizes that a niche market exists to broaden the scope for local businesses becoming recognized from these types of searches, and now there exists a way for people to find these local businesses. Google wants there to be a page for every place in the world, and recently composited data to create over fifty million Place pages for businesses and points of interest. As of now, only about four million business have actually set up a Place page, though those numbers are rapidly growing.  Once business owners get wind of the Google Places Set Up application, incorporating the platform to their automated linkedin lead generation.

Can Anyone Complete A Google Places Set Up

Google launched Google Places in September of 2009, as a part of “Google Maps,” and it is offered as a free platform for businesses. The Google Places Set Up is quite easy to navigate, as it allows the business owner to add videos, photos and detailed descriptions to inform customers what their company is all about, and why that person will want to choose that particular company as their service provider. Features enable owners to highlight special promotions, post live updates, and respond to reviews from customers left on their Google Places business account. This platform empowers business owners, as they can learn more about their customers and see what those customers are searching for and where they are coming from. Armed with this knowledge, owners can implement and improve business decisions.

How To Get To A Google Places Set Up Page

For consumers and owners interested in this valuable resource, you can get to a Google Place page by clicking on “more info” in search results webpage, or by clicking “more info” in the mini-bubble. If you choose the mini-bubble, an entire page will open loaded with rich details, videos, photos, a street-view preview of the business, nearby transit, reviews and related websites.

Recent additions to the marketing automation for lead generation include service areas, meaning if businesses travel to serve their customers, they can now show which geographic areas are served. And if you run a business without a storefront or office location, you can now make your address private. Also, for twenty-five dollars per month, businesses in select cities can make their listings stand out on the Google website and Google Maps using Tags. With all of this plentiful information at your fingertips, Google Places will become the premiere platform for local business information and advertising. You can say, “So long Yellow Pages”,  and welcome, Google Places Set Up.

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