Case Study Semper Fi Society St Louis

Disclaimer: We hold our clients privacy in a very high regard, for each case study we have obtained digital permission from our clients to share this information with you. This helps you see an example but also allows more exposure for them.

We have recently been given the great opportunity in helping the Semper Fi Society in St Louis, a non profit organization for Marines. We were approached by Corey Schuster that is the current president of the organization. We were provided with the information on their current site and what they were really looking to obtain. There were and still continue to be some really great things about this project with the Semper Fi Society in St Louis, and we are grateful that we were able to help them in such a very short amount of time.

While we normally do a week by week case study, we were under a very strict timeline for this website as there were automated linkedin lead generation marketing strategies already in the works for Marine Week and other fundraisers that they were conducting. We created a new website in a few short days, after a few minor actions we had to take to get started.

With this case study we would like to share with you a few screen shots of what we started with, what their old site was based around and how the new site looks.

We are currently only conducting website design and maintenance by doing page upgrades, promotion changes and general updates. Let’s go ahead and start looking at some of the screen shots that we have of the before site.

The first things that marketing automation and lead generation, the amount of information and the different types of different fonts and colors. We were grateful for the amount of content that was already on the site, and that they really wanted the same info on the new site.

We were also very excited that the first site was created on the WordPress platform, which does make our transition much easier.

Below is a screen shot of what we saw as we went behind the curtain of this site, there are some good things and a few things that we are able to enhance on the new site.

As you can see, there are a few things that we picked up on very quickly. Looking at the Title, Keywords and Meta Description is we noticed there was a few things that we could do to help with SEO, which will allow them to rank for specific predetermied keywords.

Here is a screen shot of the new site that is getting hundreds of visitors –

As you can see just after a few short days we were able to redesign the entire site and organize the site in a way that allows people to find things very easily. Feel free to poke around the site and see how we integrated a gallery and pdf. forms into the site, along with the video auto starting in the slider under the #2 button. We have the ability to have the slider rotate automatically but at this present time the decision has been made to really promote the boxing event.

We are making almost daily changes to the site based upon client needs and desires, we are able to get most changes done within 12-24 hours, which is really beneficial to any client.

As you can see here we have the ability to monitor the website traffic and work with each client to see where the most traffic is coming from and what we can do to drive even more traffic to the website.

How would you like to have another hundred or more people going to your website? Almost 7000 page views in a month is nothing to sneeze at…..

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on getting a website designed from scratch or a entire redesign.

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