Blue Heating and Cooling Case Study

Disclaimer: We hold our clients privacy in a very high regard, for each case study we have obtained digital permission from our clients to share this information with you. This helps you see an example but also allows more exposure for them.

We had the great opportunity to meet Dustin and Shannon, the owners of Blue Heating and Cooling, a local heating and cooling business here in Kansas City. Upon meeting Dustin for the very first time, we knew that he was a dedicated hard worker and had the character to really help any home owner and be able to make instant friends with the people that he was helping. Dustin really struck us as the neighborhood guy that everyone called to get something fixed and he would run right over with his tool belt around his waist, hammer in hand.Stories are going around town of him being out until almost midnight doing service calls to get same day service done, he really gives a new meaning to dedication. But you are here to learn more about the case study, so lets get started.

After spending some time with Dustin we decided to take a look at the website that he was providing to the world, ok maybe not the world, but the local community, and we knew immediately that we could help him help more people. The thing about any business is that the best advertising is really word of mouth and the more people we could help him to talk to and help, this would only end up helping many more people, causing a snow ball effect.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the website that we first saw and the type of vision we had for him, while he is an expert in his field, we know how to build a site that really peaks peoples interest.

The Original Blue Heating and Cooling Site

The website was created with a template that many small business owners use, really to get started. The template is a great template to start off with, to save money and drive a little bit of traffic to it. While there are strengths with this template (costs), there were a few things that we were able to do with the new website that really focused on SEO and attracting more searchers on Google and other search engines.

We give great kudos to Shannon as she built this site and did a great job with the knowledge and tools that she had as many business owners give up very quickly!

After meeting with Shannon and helping her understand a little bit more about Social Media, trying to promote a website and overall automated lead generation real estate, and a few more conversations…. Dustin and Shannon felt it was time to invest in the big guns and have a website built that competes with the big boys in town.

Week One:

We had lunch with Shannon at Panera ( it was good ), and discussed what they really wanted to obtain, what their vision was of the site and if they would be providing any content or pictures for the site. As we talk to every business owner that we help, we help them understand that building a website is like a work of art, it really is a blank canvas and we can do practically anything. While we are not magicians, we average 98% of the time being able to do anything the business owner would like to see on their site.

During our lunch I soon found out that Shannon could provide some pictures and a little bit of content, so we has a starting point which was great. With this type of project we educated Shannon that this could take a couple of weeks to get built out, as we like to create mind maps, and get all of our ducks in line before leaping into something this important.

One of the biggest concerns that came to light was that current clients would email work orders to Blue Heating and Cooling, and with the website hosting transfer and new build out would we lose the email? The answer was “yes” but once the hosting kicked over, we made that the top priority and within 24 hours, email was restored and runs flawlessly now.

Once back at the office, we started doing a great deal of keyword research and mind-mapping to make sure that the entire team understood what we were trying to accomplish and how quickly. We knew that to build a beautiful and robust site, we would need to build it in a way that attracted not on Google and the other search engines, but was also clean, informative and user friendly.

Building a website that focuses on all those very important aspects of automate lead generation real estate, is not built over night and should not be rushed, hence a couple weeks from start to completion.

Week Two:

Going into week two we had pictures, we created content and had a really good plan, and as we continued to work on it, every piece is fitting so nicely. We built the website on the WordPress platform, and Google and search engines love WordPress, and our abilities to finesse every page, makes it priceless.

We are still currently building out the website with more and more content but below is a screen shot of what we have done so far.

Just going to Blue Heating and you will see a transitioning slide show, and some very useful information. We wanted to provide a resource to local home owners to reference when it comes to all their heating and cooling needs.

Below are a few screen shots on how the search results will come back on Google for searchers. The top three are what we were able to do for Blue Heating and Cooling, the last one is well…..we will just say some other company that needs a little guidance.

Which one would you click on?

We removed the business name and website address below to not sling mud but allow us to educate you on the differences.

Can you see the differences between the top three and the bottom one, the first thing is that the title pulls you in and peaks your interest and the keyword we are wanting to rank for is in the title. Without giving all of our secrets away, one last thing to notice is that we provide a “call to action” at the end. Believe it or not people really need to be told what to do, we say “click here” or “call …… today” ……

Things to Consider:

  • As we said before we can provide practically any type of website that you have in mind
  • We can build it in a way that Google and the other search engines love and rank very well for
  • We can build a website in as little as a week
  • We can create content for you
  • We provide a great deal of face to face and one on one consulting before, during and after building the website
  • We want you to be proud of your website
  • We provide monthly upkeep and updates to keep readers and traffic coming back week after week.

Now it is time for you to go to the top of this page and request your consultation on how we can help you!

Your Marketing Team,

Global Online Marketing Consulting

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