Banner Advertising

A “banner ad” is a certain way to advertise on the internet or World Wide Web. This is a certain type of Pay Per Click Advertising that can be very low cost and generate a high flow of traffic within hours. When you have a banner ad you are embedding a certain advertisement for a product or service into a specific web page of your choosing. A banner ads sole purpose is to attract people to click on an image that will direct them to another site of the person that is advertising.  Most banner ads are either a JPEG, PNG or even a GIF file that use JavaScript, Shockwave and or Flash that could have sounds, different types of animation or even possibly a video. Just like a traditional banner that you might see off line, an online banner has the same characteristics by either being wide and short or tall and narrow.

General Use Of Banner Advertisements

Banner Advertisements or also known as banner ads are everywhere and seen practically on every website that you have visited in the past and will continue to see well into the future. Most banner advertisements are placed in generally the same places on all websites and those places would be along the top, on the left and right and now it is common place to find them embedded in content.

There are really only two general factors when it comes to the cost of banner advertisements and those would be:

The websites traffic

The placement of the banner

While this can be a very effective form of linkedin lead generation automation any service or product that you may be offering, you will want to make sure that you are targeting the right audience.

Basic Knowledge Needed To Start

Understanding the Verbiage:

Impressions: For every time that your banner is shown on a specific site this is called an “impression”

Click: For every time that someone clicks on your banner this is called a “click”

Conversions: Every time that someone goes to your site and fills out the information you are requesting this is called a “conversion” or a lead.

CPM Also Known as Cost Per Thousand: There are many sites that will show your banner and charge based on this method. For every thousand impressions that your banner is shown the site will charge this predetermined amount, so for example a “$5 CPM” means that for every thousand times that your banner is shown you are charged $5.00. A little word of advice, the average that you will want to be looking for is around $2.50 per thousand impressions, anything really above that is to expensive and your Return On Investment will not be good.

CPA Also Known As Cost Per Action: This is a method that some sites and many linkedin automated lead generation prefer because it involves showing your ad but you are only charged a fee based on someone clicking on your banner. There are many sites that will allow this method and costs are very low ranging from .10 cents to .50 cents, which is normal.

CTR Also Known As Click Through Rate: This is a very simple method of knowing whether your marketing is converting or not, this is measuring how many clicks you get versus the impressions. So for some easy math, imagine having 1000 impressions of your banner advertisement and there were 20 people that clicked on your ad, this would result in a CTR of 2%.

Cost Per Conversion: This is how much it cost you to convert a click to a lead or a prospect. If you spent $10 and you got 4 leads, you would be looking at a 4.25 cost per conversion. In looking at Cost Per Action if you are looking at “clicks” and spent $10 to get 100 clicks then you would be at a .10 cents cost per click.

Publisher: These are the websites or website owners that accept advertising on their websites.

Advertiser: The person or company that is doing the advertising

We know here at Global Online Marketing Consulting, you may or may not have the time or the budget to use this specific marketing avenue. We offer this free training for the business owners that have more time than funds to have someone create and maintain this type of marketing campaign. If you are a business owner or an individual that would like someone to create and maintain this for you, please contact us for a free consultation by inserting your name and valid email in the form on the top right of this page.

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