Social Media Advertising and Marketing involves many global social networking sites like Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Linked In, and many more. With these social networking sites, users can create a profile to their liking, add in their personal information, and provide people with their likes, thoughts and ideas by sending messages and having a sounding board, like a wall. Many of these people that join also connect and join specific networks based by city, employment, school and or their religious beliefs.

Social media has currently taken the number one thing that people do while on the internet, there have even been stories of employers releasing their employees for being unproductive at work due to them spending hours a day on social media sites.

The current number one social media site is Facebook, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes while there were all students at Harvard. These five initially started this platform to help students in Harvard to get to know each other better and there was a very tightly kept membership but quickly exploded to other colleges in the surrounding areas. The Facebook platform currently has well over 300 million active users in which many of them use Facebook more than one time per day.

Steps Taken To Market For Free On Most Social Media Sites

Start a Profile – Most Social media Sites are Free and will allow you to set up an account

When you set up your profile, you really want provide information about you, who you are, what makes you tick and what interests you have. With this personal information that you provide you will find that more and more people will be attracted to you as an individual and will start sending you friend requests. Within your profile you have the ability to include your business domain , which I highly recommend and this is really the only place you should promote your business, until you branch out and start a fan or business page. This personal page is the palce people are going to want to get to knw you as a person and not what you do or what business you are trying to promote. They are going to be able to relate with you as a person if you talk about your kids and their ball game they won, your enjoying the weekend planting shrubs in the garden with your spouse and things like that.

The whole goal in this and one of the keywords that you want to focus on is “Social” – having a Facebook page that you update once a month is not “social”. Imagine if you saw a great post and then you commented on how much you liked the post and the original person never responded to your post or question, how would that make you feel.

Social media and the networks are not a set it up and forget it technique that you can use to build relationships, or your business. I would strongly recommend signing up with Facebook and start making a few posts, there are ways to automate some posts but having someone do it for you is always an option if you are really busy running your small business.

A Couple Tricks and Tips to Consider:

You are only allowed to have one account on most sites

Whenever you are requesting a friend always add in a nice note saying how you know them or something that caught your eye in their profile as this is a good ice breaker

Start joining specific groups that you are interested in and start making a post or two to the groups you are following and start opening the lines of communication with people

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your Facebook profile or any other profile; start with the basic information, a must is a profile picture and a couple other pictures so people can start seeing who they are connecting with.

Do not air your dirty laundry online or very personal information; do not share very specific information like social security number or exact address as many complete strangers could have access to this information.

More Advanced Strategy for Previous Facebook Users

If you have been on Facebook for awhile and or feel you are ready to take the next step towards setting up a Facebook Page for your business. The great thing that many people do not know or are not aware of is that your Facebook business page DOES rank on the search engines and as I am typing this right now, Facebook has overtaken Google as the most used site in the world.

Here at we do offer setting up a personal profile and business page for you, we also can move into very advanced techniques that can add a custom designed page and opt in box which allows you to obtain visitors information. With this information which is name and email address this now gives you a list of individuals to market directly to at your leisure.

We also have the ability to link many of your sites together like your blog, twitter, and Facebook so updating one will send the update to all the others on auto pilot.

For more information request your free 30 minute marekting consultation so we can understand what you have been doing or what you would like to do in your business.

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